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Consultation Process

How it works

Spikelab's consultation service starts with a meeting, face to face or via Skype. After discussing your business issues and the solutions you're looking for we'll assemble a plan of action and build a timeline for executing the plan. Upon your approval we'll come to your business and share the knowledge you're looking for. It's that simple.


Our fields of expertise.

Spikelab has over 20 years of real experience in small & large business. Below you'll find our core compentencies and the main focus of our consultations.


Monthly rebilling (continuity) programs can be very successful. However, the pitfalls can be devastating to a small business without a proper plan. We'll show you how to succeed and how to avoid common mistakes that can harm your merchant account. Spikelab will help you define your sweet-spot and analyze your in-house processes for maximum revenues.

Rebilling Salvage

In the subscription or rebilling model you're going to experience declined transactions. You work hard to get customers and we'll help you keep your rebilling income going month after month. With careful analysis Spikelab can show you how to recover over 10% of your monthly sales and how to stop wasting resources on transactions that will never process successfully.

Customer Service

The cost of gaining new customers is a huge expense for any business. It's a fact that satisfied customers spend money on products they need or want. Maintaining good relationships with existing customers is vital to success. We'll show you how to keep your customers happy by carefully tailoring your customer interactions to minimize refunds, return of goods, and chargebacks.

Our Pricing

All consultations are custom created for you.

Upon our initial meeting we'll discuss your issues and let you know upfront what to expect. Our consultations are competively priced and we feel you'll gain invaluable knowledge from our experience.


Questions and Answers.

Do I really need a consultant?

It's been shown that getting a new set of eyes on your business can bring insight and ideas that would otherwise be overlooked or not considered.

Will you improve my bottom line?

My goal is to boost your profits by showing you where money is being left behind. We'll work together to maximize your business potential.

What is the real cost of your service?

It is difficult to put a price on success. Spikelab can show you how rethinking existing processes can produce a larger revenue stream. In this case you're simply only going to gain from the consultantancy. Working smarter, instead of harder, can turn your business around.

I have an idea, but no business yet, can you help?

Absolutely. Spikelab has built a network of industry professionals that are leaders in internet marketing, web development, and order fulfillment. Feel free to contact us to discuss options. We can help you turn your ideas into reality.

How will we interact?

Initial consultatons are done by phone or Skype video. Upon signing up for a consultation our professional relationship begins and you'll be given complete contact information, including cellphone, office phone, and email address of course.

How long does this take?

We work very hard to ensure that you get results as fast as possible. An honest estimate of the consultation timeframe will be provided before you spend a dime. It may take 24 hours or it may take 2 weeks, but we'll help you get the solutions you need.


Get started now. Contact Spikelab today and let's see what we can do for you. We answer all emails the same business day.